This challenge is a fantastic option for people who are looking for something a little more difficult than our introductory 40-challenge.  

It’s also a great option for those who would like to include a Snap Dat Challenge with other planned activities such a group meal, a conference, drinks in the city or even a meeting day!

The 60-Challenge takes just one hour to complete.    Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t a walk in the park!  You and your teammates will have to work for the sixty points.  You’ll have to be prepared to solve puzzles, be a little crazy and work exceptionally well together as a team.  

In this challenge, you will find all of the clues within a two-kilometre radius of the city centre at an easy walking pace.  You will have to use your time wisely though, there are 24 tasks to complete in just one hour!

Great for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Go on, why not take the plunge and give the 60 Challenge a go!

Minimum 6 people.  Maximum 100 people.

Pricing:  $20.00 per person (6 – 25 participants) For larger groups; 26 or more; the price is capped at $500.  There’s nothing more to pay.

*See our Pricing page for further information on available discounts.

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