Get the most out of your Game

To make the most of your Snap Dat event it’s important that all your guests are prepared for your Team Building event. Here’s a list of the need to know info and must do’s before you arrive:

  • Be sure to dress for the weather conditions. Challenges take place all year round and in all weather: rain, hail or shine!
  • You will be walking around our beautiful city so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • At least ONE participant from each team must have a smart phone or camera in order to take photos.  Oh and make sure the battery is charged!  
  • Be sure to select the challenge most suitable for your guests’ fitness levels. None are too taxing and there is no need to be super fit, however, walking is a must!
  • So we can create an environment of fantastic Team Building, every challenge is split into smaller teams.  Each team has a captain.  You may want to consider names for your teams before the event.  
  • If you have particular questions or would like to chat to us about how best to prepare for your Challenge, then feel free to get in touch.   We are always delighted to help.   You can contact us here.
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